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Trubble Club Issue #5

made by A Family Friend

Trubble Club's star-studded full color 5th issue takes the form of a Sunday newspaper's comics section and turns it on its ear.  This issue features 12 large pages of beautifully colored newsprint comics by Trubble Club regulars, as well as some amazing guest turns and a hand-made silkscreen print!  

For those new to Trubble Club, they take the standard jam comic ( a collaborative comics form in which each panel is drawn and written by a different artist) and push it to its limits, spending hours crafting each panel, and, in this case, over 2 years to produce this issue.  

Trubble Club 5 includes panels by Nate Beaty, Grant Reynolds, Laura Park, Jeremy Tinder, Aaron Renier, Edie Fake, Rachel Niffenegger, Bernie McGovern, Lilli Carré, Corinne Mucha, Carrie Vinarsky, Jeffrey Brown, Lucy Knisely, Becca Taylor, Jose Garibaldi, Joshua Cotter, Joe Tallarico, Onsmith, Lyra Hill, Sam Sharpe, Craig Thompson, Alec Longstreth and more!


$ 8.00  
  • by A Family Friend.